Udaypur Sea Beach

Udaypur Sea Beach – Experience Serenity at the southernmost beach of Bengal

Udaypur is an uninhabited virgin sea beach, located between New Digha and Talsari. The beach is far away from busy and chaotic city life, or the usual touristy hustle-bustle of Digha. The beach lies almost on the border, and at least one half of it may be safely claimed to be the last beach of West Bengal...


Food Options and Outlets available in Visitor’s Area of Kolkata Airport

Feeling hungry at Kolkata Airport while waiting in the visitor’s area? Did you know, you have a plethora of food options here? Discovering Kolkata brings you a complete list of food outlets available in the visitor’s area of Kolkata Airport, foods available and the pocket pinch.

Trust me, you can have tea for INR 10/- and coffee for INR 20/- at the airport also!

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Discovering Kolkata!

Kolkata Airport (locals call it Dum Dum Airport or দমদম বিমানবন্দর) is officially known as Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, or CCU in aviation parlance. This major airport serves huge air traffic every day, and people residing in entire West Bengal and maybe some neighboring states use this airport for moving out of or moving in to the city of Kolkata.

There can be a plethora of situations when one is temporarily stranded in the visitor’s area of the airport, often for hours. You may arrive at an odd hour, the flight may be delayed, there may be a taxi strike, you may have skipped your lunch. It is natural to feel hungry and thirsty. Also not everyone may be willing to shell a chunk of money for some simple snacks, ONLY because it is an airport. This blog lists down the food options with cost available in…

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