Rajasthan Travelogue – Day 2 in Mount Abu, the sight seeing trip of the beautiful hill station

Previous post on this trip → Kolkata to Delhi → Jodhpur → Jaisalmer → Bikaner → Mount Abu (Day 1)

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After arriving at Mount Abu from Bikaner, as part of our Rajasthan Trip, we visited Nakki Lake and Toad Rock on Day 1. The sight seeing trip of the picturesque hill station was reserved for Day 2.

On day 2, I had booked ourselves on the sight-seeing tour operated by RSRTC, called Abu Darshan (INR 100 male and INR 75 female). It is cost effective and comfortable. Jeeps are also available at INR 200 per head or INR 1200 on rental. One good thing about RSRTC is that they charge less for women. Our first stop was Shankar Math, which is a beautiful temple dedicated to lord Shiva. The compound has a beautiful garden and houses a huge trishul.

Shankar Math, Mt. Abu
Shankar Math, Mt. Abu

Om Shanti Bhavan, Mt. Abu
Om Shanti Bhavan, Mt. Abu

Next stop was Adhar Devi Temple (or Arbudha Devi Temple) Temple dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is one of the Shakti Peeth of Goddess Durga. The temple is located in a cave and has to be reached by climbing 356 stairs. Next stop was Om Shanti Bhawan, which the international head quarter of the Brahma Kumari’s movement. The building itself is a wonderful white structure at the center of a manicured garden and houses a giant hall. Photography is not allowed here, abut more than enough is visible from outside the gates.

Hillock on which Arbudha Devi Temple is housed

Steps to Arbudha Devi Temple

Next we halted at Achal Garh, built by Rana Kumbha of Mewar on top of a hill with look out windows carved in the hill. It is currently in ruins. At the base of the path to the fort is Achaleshwar Mahadev Temple, where it is said the toe of lord Shiva emerged from ‘Pataal’. Due to sudden rainfall at this place we were unable to go up to the fort. At the base there is Mandakini Lake and three stone buffaloes, symbolizing an old story of demon slaying.

Achal Garh cave (white structures on the rock)
Achal Garh cave (white structures on the rock)

After lunch we went to Dilwara Jain Temple. It has one the most beautiful ornamental designs and intricate work of marble, and sometime considered even superior to Taj Mahal of Agra. The complex houses five major temples dedicated to five Jain Tirthankars. Photography is not allowed here and camera has to be kept in locker outside the complex. Our last major stop was Guru Shikhar, which is the highest point of Aravalli Mountain Range at 1722 mtrs and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding. There is a temple of Guru Dattatreya at the top, who is considered a, incarnation of the Divine Trinity (i.e., Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). On way back from Guru Shikar we halted briefly at Honeymoon Point, which is basically a cliff overlooking the valley and offering beautiful views. Finally we were dropped near Nakki Lake. Since it was already evening, we skipped the visit to the Government Museum, located on left before Nakki Lake. There is a Sunset Point behind Nakki Lake, but setting sun visible from our hotel was quite enchanting and photogenic. So we skipped it as well.

Guru Shikhar on top, from Honeymoon Point

View of the mountains from Honeymoon Point

The night was cool, and we were tired. Our next destination, Udaipur, was to be reached by bus. So there was no hurry of catching a midnight train. We were fast asleep before we knew…


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